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Owen Sofa Chaise (Light Fabric)

$ 699.00 $ 999.00

Sofa Chaise - Reversible

Product Details

The Owen Sofa Chaise features a reversible chaise design. The ottoman and chaise cushion can be flipped to either side - perfect for apartments since you can change the orientation if you move.

The Owen Collection has many additional matching pieces available to order. Please visit us in store for more information.


Available Pieces: Sofa chaise with reversible design, Sofa, Sofa With Built-In Sleeper, Loveseat, Arm Chair, Rocker Chair, Ottoman, and large 3 piece sectional.


Available Colors: 2 colors


92"L  x  62"D  x  38"H    Sofa Chaise - Reversible design


We have over 100 sofas and sectionals on display in Santa Clara. Don't see what you're looking for? Please visit us in store and show us a picture. We will most likely be able to order the item for you. Thank you for your time. 

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